Icomfort Thermostat Not Connecting To Server- Let’s Fix This!

Your icomfort thermostat plays a big part in providing you with the desired comfort in your home. But it can be really frustrating when some issue suddenly pops up and it stops functioning. 

One such issue is icomfort thermostat not connecting to the server. So how can you fix this?

Resetting your lennox icomfort wi-fi thermostat is one way to fix this issue. Another way is to update the time and date of your thermostat. Conducting a setup configuration in the system will also solve it. Finally, rebooting your home wi-fi connection and reconnecting the thermostat will fix the connection issue as well.

That was just the preview. There are more details in this matter that you help you through the process. So, let’s dive in!

Icomfort Thermostat Not Connecting to Server: Reasons And Solutions 

Just like the thermostat blinking or flashing, the “not connected to the Lennox server” issue is a common one for the Lennox icomfort thermostats.

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Here I have included some possible reasons. Along with that, I have provided multiple possible ways to fix this. So, if one solution does not work, you have other options that you can try.

If there’s a problem with our home’s Wi-Fi network this issue can arise. Or if the thermostat is connected to the wrong network, then the issue may happen.

Also, if the date of your icomfort thermostat needs to be updated properly, this issue arises.

Solution 1: Reset Your Lennox iComfort Wi-fi Thermostat 

Your icomfort Thermostat runs through the connection to the home network. So, in case you’re facing issues with the server connection, your router stability or interference might be the cause that is blocking the signal. 

Most of the time only resetting the thermostat will solve the icomfort server connection issue

You can reset your Lennox thermostat by following some simple guidelines.

Here are the steps on how to reset lennox icomfort wi-fi thermostat 

Step 1: First of all, touch the Lennox logo in the home screen. You will see it in the bottom right part of the screen. Press and hold the logo for approximately 5 seconds.

Step 2: A message should pop up on the screen telling ‘qualified Lennox equipment installers only’. This is a warning message.

Step 3: You need to tap on the reset button. By doing so your icomfort thermostat would start to reboot itself.

Then the screen may turn blank for about  2 to 3 seconds. After that, the home screen should appear. This will solve the the problematic connection issue you’ve been facing.

Solution 2: Reset the Time and Date of Your Thermostat

Some of you may never think of checking the time and date of your device. 

It is very common for systems to refuse to communicate with other systems in case the time and date are incorrect.

Reset the Time and Date Thermostat
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Updating the date and time can be your solution.

So, go ahead and reset the time and date on your icomfort thermostat.

  1. Right from your thermostat screen, hit the “User Setting Selection Screen” option and choose “Modify”. 
  2. It will take you to the menu section. Now scroll down to general as you get there. 
  3. There you should see the option of “date and time”. Simply tap that. 
  4. Tapping it will get you to the mountain time, central standard etc options. Now you can simply just tap and adjust and set your time and date as required. 
  5. Hit “Save” after you are done adjusting. Then go back to the “User Settings Selection Screen”.
  6. Now try to reconnect.

The connection to your Lennox server should be working again in less than 30 seconds.

Solution 3: Conduct Set up Configuration 

If the above-given solutions did not work try this one.

Step 1: Start by turning your electrical breaker to the icomfort thermostat off. Turn off the air conditioner as well if the equipment is compatible. 

Step 2: Next thing you should do is turning off the power of the furnace. 

Step 3: Then turn the breakers on again.

Step 4: This time you are going to turn your furnace back on. You need to wait for about five minutes. 

Step 5: Finally, going to the “setup” tab, you can conduct the setup configuration.

Solution 4: Reboot Your Wi-Fi Connection and Reconnect the Thermostat 

Here is yet another solution that you can try to fix the issue.
Step 1: Start by rebooting Wi-Fi router. Check the laptops or smartphones in your house to see if they can connect to the network.

rebooting Wi-Fi router
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Step 2: Now inspect the iComfort thermostat. You need to ensure that it properly connects to the Wi-Fi network that you use at your home. Not any other nearby.

Step 3: Just try and connect again. This time, keep your smart hub closer to your router.

A malfunctioning Lennox iComfort thermostat can be frustrating, but fortunately, by following these techniques, you can troubleshoot and resolve the connection problem on your own.

If doing all these still don’t help, you need to contact a Lennox dealer. They will be able to help you get your Lennox iComfort thermostat connection issue fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I control my iComfort thermostat?

To adjust the temperature, locate the horseshoe-shaped control on your thermostat’s home screen. This control serves as the temperature set-point control. You can use your finger to move the set-point circle up or down along the horseshoe, or you can utilize the “+” and “-” buttons that appear on the screen.

What is a common problem with thermostats?

The most common problems with thermostats is the failure to attain the desired temperature. This is due to the buildup of grime inside them. As a result of this accumulation, the thermostat becomes unable to accurately measure the temperature of the air within your home. For older thermostats, a simple solution is to remove the cover and clean the interior by dusting.

What causes a Lennox thermostat to stop working?

A lennox thermostat can often stop working due to loose connections, frayed wires, and worn, aging wires. You must perform a in-depth inspection of your wiring. Ensure that all connections are snug, and replace any worn-out wires as needed, either by yourself or with the assistance of an HVAC expert.

Wrapping Up 

Hope I have resolved all your confusion about the icomfort thermostat not connecting to the server. 

With these troubleshooting tips provided in the article, you can get your Lennox iComfort thermostat back up and running in no time. If none of these steps work, don’t hesitate to contact Lennox customer support for further assistance. 

That is all as of now. Have a great day ahead.

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