How To Fix Flame Blinking On Thermostat? [All In One Guide]

Alongside maintaining the temperature of your house within given limits, a thermostat saves you from various damages as well. And it uses its screen to display various signals and warning signs. For example, the flame icon blinking.

So, why do we get the issue of flame blinking on thermostat?

In a Lux thermostat, the flame keeps flashing on the screen when the compressor is locked. In White Rodgers it means the thermostat is calling for second  stage heat. And the flame blinking in the Emerson thermostat indicates that the Aux system might be operating.

Well, there is more to it. So, if you want some detailed information on this matter, keep reading the article.

Why is the flame flashing on my thermostat?

How frustrating is it when your thermostat starts clicking, blinking, or flashing all of a sudden?

A thermostat can have a blinking flame icon for various reasons. And this icon flashing can vary in thermostats of different brands. Here are some common reasons. 

  • The compressor is locked.  
  • The Aux system is operating. 
  • A power interruption or power loss can be the reason. 
  • The heat pump is not heat pumping properly.

These are, more or less, the common reasons for a thermostat flame blinking. Below I have addressed various brands and their specific reasons.

Flame Icon Blinking on Lux Thermostat

Flame Icon Blinking on Lux Thermostat

You may have noticed the little flame icon flashing or blinking on your LUX thermostat. Here is why it happens and how to fix it.


If you notice your Lux thermostat blinking flame icon during regular operation, that suggests something is wrong with the external part of your thermostat.  

Most commonly, the flame icon keeps flashing if the compressor is locked. As your locked compressor shuts itself down, by flashing the icon it sends a signal to your thermostat. This signal is to tell you that there is an issue.

Also, a power interruption or power loss can be the reason for the blinking flame.

It implies that the compressor is cut, and you need to reset it to get it running again.


To get the lux thermostat issue fixed, proceed to reset the hardware first. Because a hardware reset won’t erase all the custom program settings, unlike a software reset. However, if the issue is still not solved after the hardware reset, you need to perform a software reset then.

Here is how to perform a hardware reset on your Lux thermostat.

Hardware Reset: 

  • First of all, remove the front part of your thermostat from the wall. Then try to locate a tiny white button. It is a round-shaped reset button. There shouldn’t be any trouble finding it because it should be just on the front right side and marked as ‘H.W. Reset’.
  • Once you have located it, now press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds. The screen of your thermostat would populate temporarily. Wait for some time and your system would automatically eradicate any errors. 

Run the system again to see if the issue still persists. If it does, then the only option you have left is to do a software reset. 

Software Reset:

The process of software reset will wipe out your custom program settings

Hence, in order to avoid risks, keep a note of all the temperatures, and start times. Once you are done resetting the software, you will require this data to keep things as it were. 

  • To start, locate the software reset button first. You will see it on the left side of the thermostat. It should be labeled as “S. Reset”
  • As you have located the button, now press and hold it for 5 seconds just like you did for hardware resetting. You should notice the screen fully populating. It may take some time and remain in that state. So, do not get worried and wait a while until your device is ready. 

As you have completed the resetting, only the date and time would remain accurate. And you will have to re-enter all other custom program data which you’ve noted before resetting. 

Flame Icon Blinking on a White Rodgers

White Rodgers thermostat flame icon blinking issue is another frustrating one. Here I have addressed the reasons and solutions.


The flame icon typically indicates that your White Rodgers thermostat is calling for second-stage heat. This is not an issue, this simply means that the furnace is operating at it’s full capacity at a higher settings.

White Rodgers thermostat flame icon blinking issue

Also, the air filter may not be clean which is causing the flame icon to be flashed repeatedly.


You just have to make sure that you have a clean air filter. Because your system tends to shut itself off when the filter is dirty. So, you can clean your air filter with the help of this video.

And just like that the flame flashing on your White Rodgers should not appear again.

Flame Icon Blinking on an Emerson Thermostat 

Emerson users have also complained about this thermostat flame icon blinking issue

thermostat flame icon blinking issue


If the Flame icon in an Emerson thermostat keeps blinking, it implies that your Aux system is operating. 


The fix is very simple again. You need to just press and adjust your Emerson thermostat below the room temperature. And that Aux heating system would stop operating. 

And just like that the flame flashing should not appear again.

Flame Icon Blinking On Honeywell Thermostat 

Flame icon flashing is also noticed among the Honeywell thermostats. Here I have included the reasons and the solution.


Flame icon is shown when the system switch remains in the HEAT position. And if the icon displays to be blinking, it implies that second stage heat is energized. It can be either Aux or Emergency heat.

Flame icon flashing

The Flame icon can also keep flashing when your thermostat is in lockout mode. This mainly prevents your compressor from cycling too rapidly.

So, basically it suggests that the heat pump seems not to be heat pumping.


To get the blinking situation fixed, you need to reset it first. Then if the issue still persists, do the following.

  • First of all, turn off the thermostat. Now turn it back on after approximately 15 to 20 sec. Your system should now automatically restart but that may take up to ten minutes.

If the issue is not resolved, you may need to call a professional.

Also, You need to get your heat pump to be running again. However, this is not a project you can do yourself or troubleshoot alone.

So, it is recommended to call a professional to come check it and get the issue fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why is my heat light blinking on my thermostat?

If ‘HEAT’ or ‘COOL’ blinks it implies that your thermostat is calling the heating or cooling system to operate. If either of the systems is not functioning, that means there’s some problem within your system. You can call a heating or air conditioning contractor to get it serviced.

How do I fix my blinking thermostat?

If you notice your thermostat screen blinking, it can often mean that the system’s battery is low. It can be simply a signal from the unit’s to replace the batteries before it breaks down completely. In such situations, just unscrew your thermostat and remove it from the wall. Remove the cover and replace the batteries.

How do I fix my cool blinking thermostat?

The most effective way to fix the issue would be changing the batteries. Your thermostat requires healthy batteries to function properly. If the thermostat is not getting enough power due to worn batteries, it can not perform the cooling or heating procedure.

Wrapping Up 

Hope I have resolved your queries about flame blinking on thermostat. With this article as your guide, you will be able to fix whenever this blinking issue arises.

Just one tip before you go, always try to keep an eye out for these type of signals on your thermostat. Because it always comes as a warning message to prevent your system from any kind of damage.

That is it for now. Hoping you have a wonderful day ahead!

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