Wyze Thermostat Safety Delay: What Does It Mean?

According to the reviews from the users, the Wyze thermostat is a great option when you are shopping for a smart thermostat. As they come with some top-notch functions on a limited budget. One such function is its safety delay feature.

So, what actually is the wyze thermostat safety delay? Why is it necessary?

The job of the wyze thermostat’s safety delay is to prevent your air conditioning compressor from going off/on too rapidly. In other words, preventing the system from short cycling. Short cycling can lead to some serious damage. Along with that, it also saves the thermostat from excessive wear and helps in saving energy. 

That is not all. There is more you need to know to get a better idea about this matter. Keep reading this article to find out

What Does Safety Delay Mean on Wyze Thermostat?

wyze thermostat safety delay 1 minute
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A safety delay is applied to protect the heating and cooling equipment on a thermostat so they do not come on too quickly. So, what this feature does is basically stop the air conditioning compressor from going off and on too rapidly.
The compressors rapidly going on and off is known as short cycling. It can cause some serious damage to the thermostat.

Every thermostat model can include a distinct display message every time a delay occurs. This can be ranging from one to five minutes under regular operating conditions.

Why Is Safety Delay Important for Your Thermostat?

For one, the built-in safety delay feature will save your system from unnecessary wear. Also, it helps in saving energy. This is one of the plus points of installing a smart thermostat in your home.

It can also be called a short cycle timer which you won’t ever see under normal situations. As the cycles are not usually less than a minute apart.

However, if there is a power blip, it can lead to a new cycle less than a minute after the last one. It can also happen if someone has tripped the breakers or manipulated the thermostat.

Air Conditioning compressors are usually started with the system pressures equalized. 

However, after running just a few minutes, due to the starting of a new cycle sooner than expected, the pressure of the AC compressor becomes very high. 

And such a situation would certainly compel the compressor to restart. And you definitely would not want that. This is where the wyze safety delay feature comes into play.

However, it is better to note that, short cycling can happen due to other causes as well. For example, keeping the thermostat in the wrong location where a vent might blow on it. Because when the vent blows on it, it would presume it to be cooler than it actually is. Then it will stop running. 

As the AC would turn off, there would be no cool air blowing on your system. In such cases, it will read ‘warm’ and try to run which will cause short cycling.

This feature saves your system from all the possible damages due to lack of operation time delay.

Because granted that it is surely important to keep a minimum and maximum runtime fixed for accurate system performance. It is also very much important to give it a minimum of time OFF. And that can come in the form of this operation time delay. Or you can say safety delay.

By maintaining an adequate time delay, you will be able to ensure the best temperature for thermostat as well as prevent many troubles as well. For instance, a reasonable time delay will prevent your system from running because of the discharged air. It is the residue air that usually circulates inside the system even after its operation. 

Moreover, a safety delay will let the pressure controller reset itself automatically. It won’t even have to call for cooling separately.

Avoid the Delay on Your Thermostat

Some of you may want to still avoid the delay on the thermostat. Because, according to many, this delay might cause flame which would possibly deplete the chamber leaking CO.

For that, you need to go to the adapter and disconnect the G wire at the furnace. Use the C adapter instead. The wyze should be wired with the C adaptor. 

Thus, you should be able to independently turn your fan on. This way, you can avoid the thermostat fan delay issue.

How to Stop My Thermostat from Short Cycling?

Despite having this safety delay feature, you may notice your thermostat short cycling.

In that case, what would you do?

Well, here are several ways you can follow to get your system’s short-cycling issues fixed.

Check Your Air Filter:

Check Your Air Filter
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Another reason why the short cycling issue is happening can be due to a clogged air filter. Not only this cycling problem, but a clogged filter can cause a wide range of air conditioning problems. 

So, make sure to check the air filter. Look for any kind of dust or debris buildup. 

In that case, you need to clean the air filter. You should get yourself the following tools before trying to clean the air filters.

Sometimes the air filters can become so caked with dust over time, it remains in no state to use. In that case, consider changing it following this video.

Check Your Thermostat Placement:

Always make sure that you have installed the thermostat in a central location. Preferably, on an inside wall of your house. Also, keep the thermostat in a place where it is not too close to the return air register. 

This way, it won’t get confused by the inflow of cold air and won’t deliver wrong readings. Also, keep it safe from short cycling.

Check AC’s Refrigerant Levels:

It is always better to keep the air conditioner’s refrigerant amount in check. You can call a trained professional to do that if necessary. They will better understand if your system needs more refrigerant. They will also be able to hunt down any leaks inside your air conditioning system.

Replace Your Low-Pressure Control Switch:

If the short cycling issue still persists even after doing all of the above, it may be your low-pressure control switch. Consider replacing it with a new one.

You can follow this link below to learn how to replace the low-pressure switch.

Inspect the Compressor: 

Short cycling problems can also happen due to a failing compressor. Some signs of failing compressors are unusual screeching and cluttering noises, diminished airflow, etc. Consider replacing the compressor if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why is my WYZE thermostat not detected?

If your wyze thermostat is not detected, it might need a reset. First of all, reboot the router. Then do a factory reset on the system. To do that, you need to press the control wheel, hold it for about ten seconds, and try again.

Do thermostats lose accuracy over time?

Yes, thermostats do lose accuracy in calibration over time. It can happen sooner if they have been bumped somehow or from dirt buildup. An inaccurately calibrated thermostat will lose its effectiveness as it won’t heat your house accurately.

Why is my thermostat not reading the sensor?

When the thermostat won’t read the sensor, it means the sensor’s gone bad. You may try to clean the thermostat well to fix this. Because too much dirt and debris inside will interrupt the sensor’s operation. But if it still does not work after cleaning, consider calibrating your sensor.

Wrapping Up 

Hope I have resolved your queries about the wyze thermostat safety delay.

Sure, this feature will save your device from much damage. But you also need to follow proper maintenance procedures to keep such issues from arising again in the future.

That is all as of now. Have a terrific day!

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