How To Change Aux Heat Setting On Honeywell Thermostat

The Honeywell thermostat is the most widely used in the United States. You can find it in almost every home and commercial building. It’s also the most popular thermostat in the world.

Many people don’t know that you can change the aux heat setting on a Honeywell thermostat. This is a great feature because you can control your aux heat and the thermostat at the same time.

This allows you to turn your aux heat on and off without having to turn the thermostat on and off.

How To Change Aux Heat Setting On Honeywell Thermostat

What is auxiliary heat on a Honeywell thermostat?

Honeywell thermostat may have an auxiliary heat setting that will keep your home at a set temperature even when the primary heat is turned off. The auxiliary heat is usually on for two hours but can be longer if needed.

Auxiliary heat on a Honeywell thermostat will help to keep your home warm or cool. The thermostat will be set at a temperature that is comfortable for the home. This setting is in addition to the temperature that is set by the primary heat.

Auxiliary heat is the amount of heat that is needed to make the system work properly. For example, if you have a central heating system, you need to be able to get the heat from the furnace to the radiators. If you do not have the heat, the furnace may not work properly.

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Change aux heat setting on Honeywell thermostat

1. Go to the settings menu and select “thermostat”.

2. Select the aux heat.

3. Make sure that the aux heat option is set to “off”.

4. Turn the Honeywell aux heat on.

Now the system will automatically adjust the temperature when the air conditioning or the heating system is on.

That’s it! You can now enjoy the benefits of the aux heat when it is needed and stop it when it’s not.


Honeywell is known for their great product. They have great customer service. However, it seems that the company has recently stopped listening to its customers. That’s why I decided to write this article.

The first thing you need to know is that Honeywell makes a line of thermostats that are compatible with your existing furnace and air conditioner. The main difference between these models and the one you already have is that they have a user interface on the top of the thermostat, which is usually right next to the furnace or air conditioner.

So, you have to make sure that the unit that came with your furnace/air conditioner has a setting for “Aux Heat”. Here are the settings for the Honeywell models

How do i stop my auxiliary heat from coming on?

Make sure the furnace is turned off and the auxiliary heat button on the thermostat is pushed to OFF. Then, turn the furnace back on. This will stop the thermostat from turning on the auxiliary heat.

Is aux heat bad?

There is no direct relation between heat and AUX (auxiliary). The AUX or auxiliary power of your car depends on the number of engines present in it. If there are only two engines, then you can use two of them for starting your engine.
In this case the power is called as aux power. In the other case, the aux power is equal to the power of the two engines put together. But the normal AUX or Auxiliary is a single engine which helps you to start your car, run the car, or move the gear box. So, the answer to your question is no.

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