White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Thermostats are a device that helps people to fully feel control over the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, that is, you will have one remote control to control all these devices. White Rodgers thermostats are devices that have been on the market for a long time and are still relevant to use due to modern model updates.

However, for some people, the correct use of the White Rodgers thermostat has become an issue, especially for those for whom the thermostat has stopped working. In this article, we will explore why this thermostat might stop working, basic thermostat troubleshooting methods, and how to reset different White Rodgers thermostat models.

white rodgers thermostat

What are an HVAC system and circuit breaker? 

An HVAC system is a set of appliances that control heating/cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning, which completely controls the air in your home. 

Thermostats are most often used precisely as a remote control and control for an HVAC system since they are the ones that show any temperature jump and through them, you can turn on or off devices, and create schedules.

There is a circuit breaker in every home with an HVAC system. This is a protective mechanism that helps the electricity moving between HVAC units avoid damage and even overload. It is also through it that you can turn on or off the flow of electricity to the HVAC system or individual devices.

white rodgers thermostat

Why is my White-Rodgers thermostat not working? 

The main thing is to understand the causes of a faulty thermostat, so that in the future, after repairing or buying a new White Rodgers thermostat, you can avoid habits that will cause the thermostat device to deteriorate first, and then can switch to the entire HVAC system.

Most often, users can understand that something is wrong with the device when the White Rodgers thermostat beeping occurs.

What causes the thermostat to stop working? Firstly, this is of course incorrect use, namely incorrect installation, perhaps the wires are not connected in the right way. It is also possible in the settings themselves that you selected items that rebooted and led to a breakdown of the thermostat.

Secondly, your thermostat may be damaged. For example, the components inside it are worn out or the battery is dead or broken. It is also possible that the wiring system is damaged, the wires could break and interfere with the power supply of the thermostat.

Thirdly, the problem may not be so much in the device itself, but in the power supply system itself, for example, a power outage has occurred, or the circuit breaker has switched. In this case, it is worth taking a closer look not only at the thermostat but also at other appliances in your home.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

White Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting steps 

To fix a thermostat that has stopped working, you first need to understand which repair instructions are right for you. Below, you can see different ways to troubleshoot and choose the most suitable one for you:

Power supply

The first thing you can do is check the power supply that is connected to your White Rodgers thermostat.

You can first check the breaker that is connected to your HVAC system and thermostat. It is possible that during a short circuit or a power outage, the lever just accidentally dropped, if so, then just turn it back on.

If everything is fine with the switch, still try turning it off and on just in case. Also, check the wiring itself.

Blown fuse 

The fuse is an HVAC unit that can blow out if used for a long time and improperly. You will need to check every fuse, i.e. every HVAC unit, that is in your home, as even one blown fuse can break the entire temperature control system in the room.

If you notice that there are blown fuses in the house, then first turn off the electricity so as not to harm yourself and try to replace the worn-out units with new ones, if you cannot do it yourself, then consult the user manual or technical specialists.

Heating system

Checking the heating system of your White Rodgers thermostat will be an opportunity to prevent the development of a breakdown, in case you cannot find faults within the power system.  

You need to turn on the thermostat and activate the heating function in it, and also set the temperature that you normally use for heating.

You should hear a distinctive click, indicating that the HVAC is activated.

If you hear this click, then everything is fine with your heating system and the thermostat is doing its job perfectly. However, if no click is heard, there may be a problem with the thermostat system. Check the batteries, if they are broken or low, and charge or change the batteries. Also, pay attention to the installation of the thermostat transformer.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Cooling system 

After you have checked and solved the heating problem, it is possible that the problem could have penetrated the cooling systems as well.

Again, you need to turn on the cooling mode, set the desired temperature, and wait for a click. If there is no click, check the charge or condition of the batteries again, in which case, replace them with new ones.


If you’ve checked everything so far and your White Rodger’s thermostat still doesn’t want to work, the problem may be with the wiring itself that connects your thermostat to the entire HVAC set. More often than not, wiring stops functioning properly when it wears out.

To check this, you need to remove the top of the thermostat, behind which the wires are hidden. It is best to do this with tools and carefully so as not to damage the panel and safely insert it back later. If you find bare wires, then you should either try to fix the wiring yourself or refer to the user manual.

Furnace filter 

A very common problem that users of the White Rodgers thermostat encounter are dirt that collects in other appliances and prevents the thermostat from functioning properly. This happens especially often with the furnace filter.

You need to carefully examine the furnace filter and, if dirt is found, clean it immediately. If after this the operation of the thermostat has not improved, then it is worth completely replacing the furnace filter with a new one.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Coolant pipes

It is also very important to check the quality and condition of the coolant pipes that work with your White Rodgers thermostats. They are directly related to the temperature system and are key to creating the temperature in your home.

These pipes are also tightly connected to the HVAC system.

You need to check for any leaks in these pipes at the connections. To do this, take water and add a soap solution there, then apply it to the junction of the pipes and the pipes in general, if bubbles appear inside the soap solution, then there is a leak.

  1. Compressor 

Now you need to look at the condition of the compressor, which is responsible for moving coolant through the HVAC.

To check, you just need to start changing the temperature and see if the compressor is doing its job. If you notice that the temperature does not change and there is a problem with the compressor, it is best to contact the user manual immediately, as without special tools you can only damage your White Rodgers thermostats more.

Air ventilation 

And finally, to fix the problem in White Rodgers thermostats, it is worth checking for air ventilation problems. The most common reason for the cessation of ventilation and, as a result, an obstacle to the functioning of the thermostat is the collection of dust inside the ventilation openings.  

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Reset procedure 

Also, to troubleshoot your White Rodger Thermostat, simply reset it to factory settings; however, there are many models of White Rodgers thermostats, which is why there are different reset instructions.

White Rodgers Sensi Smart thermostat

The first thermostat model of the White Rodgers Brand is the Sensi Smart.

To reset this model, you need to have the Sensi app on your phone and select the reset option inside the app.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Sensi Touch Smart thermostat 

Also, there is a Sensi Smart model, which can be controlled not from the phone, but directly using the touch screen.

Go to the menu and click on the About button, after which you will see a list of functions among which there is a factory reset option. You need to press the factory reset button.

Line voltage digital 

In this thermostat, you need to immediately find the location of the up and down arrows.

You need to hold your fingers on the button called “System” and on the up or down arrow, whichever is more convenient for you. Press these buttons until the screen turns off.

Comfort-set 90 Series thermostat 

In this thermostat, you will also need to press the physical buttons of the device. First, find the button that says “Program” and hold it down.

For some users, after this action, the settings are reset, but if this did not work for you, you can try another method, namely depriving the thermostat of batteries for a couple of minutes.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Emerson thermostat 80 series 

You need to open the Control Panel first. Then find the “Backlight” and “Menu” buttons, and hold these buttons until the display turns off.

After that, wait until the data reset process is completed, do not press any other buttons, and when the thermostat works again, you can check the result.

White Rodgers thermostats classic 80 and 70 series 

These models are considered one of the most common and classic from the White Rodger thermostat brand. To reset each thermostat of this model, you will need up and down arrows.

You need to hold down these two buttons along with the button that indicates the time until the screen goes completely dark. Again, do not press any other buttons during the factory reset process.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 

Blue Series Emerson White Rodgers thermostat

The first and most effective way to reset the Blue series Emerson White Rodgers thermostat is to turn off the power supply in the circuit breaker and turn it on again, during this time the settings should be reset.

However, if this method does not work for you, you can try switching the device to Cool / Heat mode.

After that, hold the Time button and the up or down arrow until the screen stops glowing.

Blue Series 12” Emerson Touchscreen thermostat 

For this White Rodgers thermostat, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the buttons, you will need to use the power disconnect.

First, open the battery compartment and take them out for a few minutes. After inserting it back and check if the settings are reset. If not, you can try turning off the power with a circuit breaker.

CT101 thermostat

Resetting this type of thermostat is very easy, as you can see the reset button on its display.

You need to press and hold this button, watching that special icon glow, confirming the reset to factory settings. If suddenly you do not have access to this button, you can again try the manual method with a power supplier.

White Rodgers thermostat not working: causes and solutions 


Does White-Rodgers thermostat have a reset button?

Most often in the White Rodgers thermostat, you can’t press a separate button that is responsible for resetting, but up and down arrows, can help you start the resetting procedure if you press them and hold for a few seconds.

How do I fix an unresponsive thermostat?

Most often, the problem may be in the power supply, so you should check the circuit breaker and pull the lever responsible for the HVAC system up if it suddenly turned off.

What causes my thermostat to stop working?

It is difficult to name any one reason, since this may be due both to the thermostat system itself and to the breakdown of some devices, but most often the thermostat stops working at all when there is a problem with the batteries inside.


White Rodgers thermostat is a device that will help you completely control the atmosphere inside your home, however, in order to avoid issues with the HVAC system, you need to understand how to use and repair your thermostat.

We hope that after reading this article, you now have a much better understanding of why your White Rodgers thermostat stopped working, how to prevent thermostat malfunctions, and what reset instructions are for models ranging from the most modern to the most vintage.

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