Honeywell ProSeries thermostat blank screen, troubleshooting, and how to fix the problem

Honeywell thermostat is the device used with the HVAC systems to arrange the comfortable temperature in your room. But when you want to increase the heat, you might face a Honeywell thermostat blank screen, is it a way to solve the issue without a technician?

Yes, you may diagnose the problem quickly. If your Honeywell thermostat shows a blank screen, you have a couple of possible problems. The thermostat could malfunction because there might be an issue with the power supply or old batteries are dead, or a safety feature has slipped to protect the device in case of blown fuses.

In case you want to identify the cause of your Honeywell thermostat screen being blank and solve it, we have prepared the possible issues causing faults and ways to solve them.

Why is my Honeywell thermostat display blank?

The reasons behind the blank thermostat screen on Honeywell thermostats are the problems with the battery power supply and the lack of safety features.

Sometimes you might need to check the wiring or examine the circuit breaker ad fuse, but do not forget about the safety switch to follow safety measures as electricity may cause serious damage up to death.

The thermostat might simply be off

Your Honeywell device might be located in the wrong place, for instance in direct sunlight where the temperature is higher and the thermostat reads the temperature in the house incorrectly and does not provide proper heating or cooling as air conditioners. In this case, the HVAC system won’t work properly.

In this case, the screen is blank, demonstrating the “out of service” command. To solve this issue, find another place in your house without direct sunlight.

Old thermostat

Honeywell lasts about 10 years, and should yours be longer than this, then you should replace it with a new thermostat. Once you might just see a blank screen instead of signs.

The new Honeywell thermostat offers a range of great options including voice control, tilting your room, geolocation, and programming.

No power or dead batteries

In all thermostat models without any power supply, the thermostat display will go blank.

The blank screen on Honeywell thermostats is often caused by problems with the power supply and is caused by various factors like low battery life or broken wiring. 

To operate your cooling device, remove and replace the batteries. The old batteries might be within your battery compartment or control panel.

Be careful replacing the batteries and ensure the new batteries are correctly chosen within the thermostat. Honeywell Thermostat usually requires AA or AAA alkaline batteries, but you may check the model with old ones. 

Slide the battery pack back into the battery compartment until you hear a ‘click.’ A battery-operated thermostat requires regular replacement. So, keep in mind to buy new batteries in advance, and in case your thermostat doesn’t correspond, replace the batteries as it is the simplest troubleshooting.

During a year, Honeywell thermostat battery life can be reduced, and it is not possible to see the battery power at all. You can even use an external thermostat for a few reasons, avoid changing batteries. But replacing the batteries is required usually every 2 months.

Some models send you a notification on the screen that there is a low battery, not to forget about thermostat batteries.

Power outage issues

In case the Honeywell thermostat display doesn’t work on batteries, and it doesn’t respond with the power out, make sure the reason is not connected to power troubles in your home. Turn the power switch on and see if the air conditioning system operates when the power is restored.

Wiring issues

Often the wrong or bad wiring causes a problem with the Honeywell thermostat power supply. If you are not familiar with electrical issues, it is better to contact an HVAC wires specialist and ask for an inspection of the wiring problem causing the blank screen.

But you might inspect the HVAC wires at first, as the issue of just mixed wires can be easily fixed. Check to see that all the wires are linked properly and in the correct places of the thermostat. You may use a screwdriver to take the device from the wall, looking for wiring issues.

Make sure to switch the circuit breaker off before you observe the wiring. If you see any mixed cables, gaps, or loose connections, ensure they all should be properly connected.

Safety feature issue

Apart from the power issue, safety features are another of the most common issue resulting in a thermostat blank screen. After observing the power issues, cables and batteries, check the safety switch.

High-limit safety feature

Completing the troubleshooting steps on the thermostat’s screen, have a look at whether the furnace door is open, as it should be securely closed. The High Limit Switch is the safety feature built into the standard Honeywell thermostat to avoid the HVAC system from overheating.

Detecting high temperatures, the high limit switch causes the blank display. If your thermostat’s high-limit switch is tripped, it indicates a problem with airflow.

In this case, you should have a look at the furnace door. It should be tightly closed to activate the system. In case the system doesn’t work, open furnace door and shut it correctly, leaving no gaps between the switch and the furnace door.

Tripped safety switch may be caused by an air conditioner or a heat pump, as each device has a safety switch preventing any risk to the device. In case the safety switch is off, indicating a problem, contact an HVAC technician to check your AC.

Moisture safety switch

The tripped float switch is another safety measure that avoids the HVAC system from being moisture affected. If sensors detect moisture inside the furnace or AC, they will automatically turn the thermostat screen off until the problem is not solved.

The thermostat has blown fuses

The thermostat’s fuse is a vital piece and therefore several thermostats come equipped with an electrical safety fuse, which protects the thermostat from electrical shock.

So, in case there is no problem with the power supply or wiring, it is better to check the thermostat’s safety features.

Protecting your HVAC system from being damaged, the thermostat has built-in features avoiding the stop of any operations in case of damage.

The blown fuse protects the life of the device, which is why most Honeywell thermostats have a built-in fuse. So if there is an increase in the electricity supply, then a fuse might explode. A blown fuse should be replaced, keeping the regular work of your HVAC system.

If the fuses or the circuit breaker are overloaded, the thermostat won’t operate even if you change the batteries. Find the blown-out fuse, or flip the circuit breaker, and the Honeywell thermostat screen will continue its work.

Tripped circuit breaker

Another power issue resulting in the Honeywell thermostat blank screen is a tripped breaker.

circuit breaker may shut off the power supply to a thermostat. This occurs mainly when the thermostat lacks a battery that powers the thermostat when a power outage occurs. Find your home’s electrical outlet. Once you locate the tripped breaker, reset the circuit breaker. The thermostat should be plugged in with the usual electrical supply.

Your thermostat will cause the screen to go blank in case of a tripped breaker if it does not contain a backup battery.

To solve the issue and avoid a blank display screen, find your home’s circuit board and reset the breaker that supplies your thermostat.

In case this procedure seems not safe, you may always contact HVAC professional to fix the problems with the Honeywell Thermostat.

Broken thermostat

Another issue with a blank thermostat is that the device is broken. It might happen within years of usage or physical damage such as collapse or strong shaking. 

In this case, you may try to follow the step for resetting a machine as it doesn’t have a reset button and check all HVAC wires or visual damage on your electrical panel. 

In case you see that damage is serious, get to buy a new thermostat, as newer models provide more distant options and are easier to be controlled.

Why Honeywell Thermostat display blinking? 

The most common reason for a blinking display is when your thermostat generally is in lacks power. It might occur after an outage. Suspecting the wires issue, you might disconnect the thermostat from the circuit board and restore the connections to the appropriate terminals.

Why does my Honeywell thermostat say ‘Wait’?

 It might occur that the screen doesn’t go blank, but it asks to wait to protect the HVAC Compressor from damage. It means that the thermostat is waiting for activation and will vanish on its own.


Why is my Honeywell thermostat display blank?

The display might go blank in case it is not enough power or safety precautions. If the furnace door is not tightly closed, the display will go blank.

How do you reset a Honeywell thermostat when the screen is blank?

How do you reset a Honeywell thermostat when the screen is blank?

Why is my Honeywell thermostat screen not working?

To recover the not working screen, we advise restarting the device first. Then check the wires, and power supply safety switches of your thermostat.

Why is my thermostat display blank?

Check the power source or replace the batteries of your thermostat. You should use AAA batteries with alkaline or 3-volt batteries. Most thermostats display low batteries, indicating if the battery runs low in their system.


The screen of your thermostat is blank? Check the power, and wires or reboot the device as most cases can be easily solved by yourself. If problems occur, contact the service center.

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