White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

The White-Rodgers thermostat is the most widely used in the HVAC system, as it’s an economic and user-friendly cooling system device. Most White Rodgers thermostats are as easy to fix as switching the light on, as you only need to check the power supply or the battery power to troubleshoot the most faults.

White Rodgers thermostats are popular for home cooling systems, as they are easy to program and compatible with almost any basic heating and cooling equipment. But some previous White Rodgers thermostat models, have older settings and require a reset method by pressing the Up or Down arrow buttons with the Time button at the same time.

While newer models, pressing the Reset button for a few seconds is enough. Without a user manual, you might face the only problem to find the correct reset instructions for your model to complete basic thermostat troubleshooting.

We believe there is no need to contact an HVAC technician at once to determine the problem with your faulty thermostat. If a Rodgers thermostat is not operating, then you cannot reset the thermostat. It is also worth replacing the blown fuses, and AC filters, checking the refrigerants and cleaning the ventilation system.

In this article, we provide you detailed instructions on troubleshooting steps and how to avoid the most commonly encountered errors and call an HVAC expert.

white-rodgers thermostat troubleshooting

Why doesn’t my smart thermostat work?

It was previously mentioned that White Rodgers thermostats are the less complicated HVAC system units for an owner. If the White Rodgers thermostat beeping or providing incorrect work, you can identify the fault by yourself.

There are several main causes of an inappropriate working thermostat. And to solve most of them, you only need a White Rodgers Thermostat reset.

Wrong settings

Your Rodgers thermostat has been set up incorrectly and doesn’t provide correct operating conditions.

In this case, you may clear all the settings by pressing the Menu button for about 20 seconds to unlock the thermostat and go back to the factory settings.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

Wrong temperature settings

In case your thermostat provides incorrect heating or cooling temperature, the problem might be in the incorrect set temperature. To solve it, you should check the cooling function by switching to “Cool”.

Decrease the thermostat’s temperature as it is below room temperature. The clicking sound should be heard, if not, reset your White Rodgers thermostat and decrease the temperature once again until the click appears.

If you hear nothing, it means the thermostat is damaged and needs replacement. In case there is a click but the blowing air isn’t cold, contact a technician to service the HVAC system. Another issue can be with a fan switch that is set for the “Fan” position instead of “Auto”.

In case there is no heat, a pilot light may not be lit. Check if the flame is in the furnace and then reset the thermostat.

Dead batteries

White Rodgers thermostats were designed as simple digital home thermostats for home use So, it doesn’t respond to your commands, it might be something with a power supply or with batteries.

In case a thermostat’s screen is blank, the first issue to check is the battery, as it might be dead. Even if you replaced it a not long time ago, it might be time to change the battery. Try to observe it at least once a year to ensure the proper work of your HVAC unit.

Besides, ensure a new battery has enough power for the thermostat. The required voltage is shown inside the battery compartment.

After replacing the battery, complete the reset procedure depending on your model number.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

Issues with a power outage

In case the White Rodgers thermostat doesn’t work on batteries, and it doesn’t respond with the power out, make sure the reason is not connected to power troubles in your home.

Turn the power switch on and see if the thermostat operates when the power is restored.

Tripped circuit breaker

Another issue with the power supply apart from batteries and power outage might be concerned with a circuit breaker, or issues with wires.

To avoid the issue of power, you should test all the wires and spaces that might cause a circuit breaker. It should not be tripped in any area.

We advise you to start checking the safety switch first. It is located near the AC unit and looks like a light switch.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

Wires issues

In case the wires are damaged, your White Rodgers thermostat won’t operate. Shortages in wires may cause such issues. To avoid it, you should check every cable, ensuring there are no bare wires exposed, or they are not shortened.

To detect any damaged wire, you might contact a troubleshooting specialist to fix the problem.

Blown fuse

Troubleshooting other issues connected to electricity, and ensuring all safety measures are considered. Find the main power supply of high voltage in a breaker box, but be careful cause there is a risk of serious burn leading to death.

Test if there is a blown fuse until you deal with the supply, and check all the fuses that which HVAC system has.

In case blown fuses require replacement, make sure the electricity in the house is switched off. Keep in mind to use rubber gloves and do not avoid grounding.

In case the damaged fuses appear again as soon as you switch the power of the White Rodgers Thermostat, contact the electrician for fixing the issue.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

The pipes leaking

The pipes are the components of the HVAC system which are responsible for carrying the cooling fluid to cool and heat the environment in your house. In case the pipes have leakage, the temperature won’t be appropriate.

To avoid this issue, check the pipes using simple soap. Insert the pipe joints and if there is a wrap, you’ll notice bubbles in a leaking area.

Dirty filters

Running for a long time, a furnace filter can get clogged with dirt and dust, and washing won’t help. The efficiency of the cooling system depends on all clean and quality components, dust impacts its efficiency, and it can lead to a fire hazard.

In case the filter of White Rodgers is dirty, it requires replacement.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

Up and Down arrows do not work

If the arrow buttons do not work, you will have difficulty completing reset instructions and achieving a factory reset of a White Rodgers thermostat.

There is one way to solve the issue, you need to do a hard reset. Take the cover plate away, without any tools you need to take the battery off, and in a second insert it back.

Put your battery back into the proper place, then check if the up and down arrows properly function.

It is also possible to hard reset thermostats with a circuit breaker.

Faulty compressor

A compressor is important in HVAC systems because that’s how the coolant is transported through them. Changing temperatures will check your compressor for working.

Keep the compressor on during temperature adjustments. I wouldn’t suggest that anyone should do something faulty in compressors. If possible, you can call an HVAC technician for an inspection.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

The HVAC unit is worn out

Your thermostat can occasionally get damaged due to poor maintenance. After about 10 years, your White Rodgers thermostat begins gradually malfunctioning and requires replacement.

How to reset the thermostat?

Most White Rodgers thermostats are fixed thanks to pressing the arrow button and resetting the device. But is there a reset button on each White Rodgers Thermostat?

There are non-programmable models on the market, but most models may be reset using a simultaneous pressing of the up or down arrow or the Time arrow. Look for the Model Number at the bottom of the thermostat cover plate and follow the following reset procedure.

White Rodgers thermostat Classic 80 and 70 series

To reset your White Rodgers thermostat of 80 series, locate the Up and Down arrows and press them simultaneously. Hold the button till the thermostat’s screen is empty. The process can take several minutes, so avoid interrupting the process as it can cause further damage.

Another reset method for these models is to press and hold the two arrow buttons and move the system switch from the Off position to Heat. The thermostat display will go blank and then reappear, showing that reset was successful.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

Emerson thermostat 80 series

The 80 series thermostat cannot indicate error codes, a LED light or a flashing code is used to show the fault.

Find the Backlit button on the Control pad, then press the Menu and Backlit buttons at once. Keep the lights on for a few seconds before the screen is blank. Give your thermostat time to reset and light the screen. This will start working again, indicating you have correctly resettled a thermostat.

Sensi Touch smart thermostat

Find the menu button on your keyboard and operate it. There should be a description of the thermostat at the bottom of the display screen. Press the Factory Reset to renew its settings. The thermostat returns to the factory settings, except for the custom settings of the HVAC system. So, you’ll continue using it as you did.

White Rodgers Sensi Smart thermostat

The reset on this model is done with the help of the app. Get the Sensi app by downloading it. Then follow the instructions to connect your device to the wireless mode on your iDevices. Android devices provide the same service. Save proposed changes to avoid asking another time.

Press factory reset every time you need it. If you prefer to turn the thermostat on a timer, you may use a calendar button on your computer.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models

Blue Series Emerson White Rodgers thermostat

There are two different ways to reset the blue series models of this thermostat brand. The first one requires pressing Time and PRGM buttons for resetting. Then hold the Down and Up arrows to get the blank screen. Ensure you press the buttons simultaneously until the reset is done.

Another way is to switch the system button with the fan button and move to the Cool or Heat position. Now it is time to press the Time and Up/ Down buttons or fan buttons, holding them for 10 seconds. The display will indicate the reset.

Blue Series 12” Emerson Touchscreen Thermostat

Blue series terminals are available in both programmable and non-programmable models. They are suited for a heat pump with different stage systems, as well as universal. Check your model to reset the thermostat.

Open the cover of a thermostat and remove the battery to complete a hard reset. Set the thermostat to rest for two minutes, and place the batteries back. If not, disconnect the power source, remove the R and C terminals for 2 minutes and then connect it to a new circuit to re-enter the power source.

Comfort-Set 90 Series Thermostat

Find a program button to press for a minute and hold it to reset the thermostat. This technique is usually successful at resetting your thermostat.

However, in cases of failure of these methods, remove the cover plate of a thermostat and disconnect batteries about a quarter to two days before they’re ready. It also allows a reboot of the device.

Put the batteries back in the compartments, replace the cover plates, and inspect the thermostat.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models


Does White Rodgers thermostat have a reset button?

There is no one button, but the White Rodger thermostat is reset with a combination of several buttons. Use the Time and arrow keys for completing the reset.

Why is my White Rodgers thermostat not working?

When your White Rodger thermostat is not responding, you must turn on your AC or heat source.

How do I fix an unresponsive thermostat?

If a thermostat doesn’t respond, replace the batteries, and check the power supply and the airflow.

How do I know if my thermostat is faulty?

In case of a fault, it doesn’t give any working signs or provide insufficient work. The AC is not plugged, or the heater does not start. The heating is Off. It is not compatible with room temperature. The thermostat does not react.

White-Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting, how to reset different models


White Rodgers thermostats are the most popular devices for cooling and heating service as they are compatible, friendly, and require easy maintenance and troubleshooting. To fixing any faulty issue, we suggest you reset the thermostat and only after that to call the service center.

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