How do you reset a vive thermostat in easy steps

I would like to reveal how you can quickly reset a vive thermostat. You can also change its settings according to your personal preferences and comfort levels.

If your vive thermostat stops working, you can easily reset a vive thermostat to its factory defaults.You want to be able to set the temperature of your home precisely according to your comfort zone.

The vive thermostat can malfunction and set the temperature of the house wrong. You could end up freezing or overheating your house.

How do you reset a vive thermostat in easy steps

You don’t want to waste money on heating your house when it’s already too hot outside. Or you don’t want to have your house full of cold air when it’s already too cold outside. This could cause your family and friends to get sick.

You want to be able to enjoy the warmth of a home when the outside temperature is cold. Or to be able to heat your home to a comfortable level even when it is raining or snowing outside.

You want to be able to control the temperature inside your home without having to step outside every time you want to adjust the temperature.

The problem is that some of the thermostats have a problem with “memory”. That is, they forget the last temperature you set them at.

This leads to unpredictable temperatures. And if you leave the house and forget to set the thermostat to a certain temperature before you return, you could end up heating up the house to uncomfortable levels.

how to reset vive thermostat to get the temperature back to normal

Your vive thermostat has got stuck on a temperature that is uncomfortable for you. Then you can vive thermostat reset

The only way you can get the thermostat to read the temperature back to normal is to push the holding down the second button from the top left side of the thermostat for 3 seconds.

However, when you press the button, there is no guarantee that the temperature will come back to normal

1. Go to the main page of the vive thermostat

2. In the left side menu click on “Vive Thermostats”

3. Then scroll down and click on “Your Vive Thermostat”

4. After clicking on this link, you will be directed to the settings page

5. On the settings page, you will find the reset button and a description of what it does.

6. When you click on the reset button, you will be asked if you want to reset it. Click Yes.

7. Then the reset button will turn red, indicating that it has been successfully reset.

8. You will then be taken back to the home screen.

9. If you are connected via WiFi, you will not be able to log in after resetting the thermostat. If you are connected via ethernet, you will be logged in automatically.

10. Restart the device if you do not have it plugged in.

11. Connect your thermostat via Wi-Fi.

12. After logging into your Wi-Fi, you will be taken back to the settings page where


If you are still stuck with the thermostat and don’t have anyone else to ask for help, you can still reset it manually.

Just use the ‘set the temperature manually’ option on the thermostat app

You’ll have to wait until the Vive’s temperature has reached the correct value and the temperature indicator has turned green, which should take around ten minutes.

At this point, the vive should reset itself.

Reset thermosta

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